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Competitive Program

Our Competitive dance classes allow students to train in many different dance styles to be highly competitive while promoting team building and self-confidence.  All of our teams compete in a minimum of 4 competitions throughout the year.  Choreography and strength and conditioning classes are a requirement of the competitive program.   Our Competitive teams continue to win multiple overall awards, specialized awards, special judge awards, and top studio awards at our competitions. The competitive program at HHDA is split into four teams based on age and skill level.   Our four teams competing during the 2023-2024 season are Comp C, Comp D, Comp E, and our youngest team Comp Mini.  Our dancers compete in not only group routines but in solos, duos and trios as well!  Students interested in joining our competitive program should reach out for audition information.   Placement on the team is determined by audition only.  

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