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Acro Program

The HHDA is proud to present our newest offering at the studio!   If you are interested in training in Acro Dance please read the details below and reach out to the studio for more information regarding class times!


Our newest program at HHDA is AcroDance, carefully crafted by our certified acro teacher to foster excellence in flexibility, strength, balance, limbering, tumbling, basic contortion, and partner/group stunting for dancers. This distinctive fusion combines the artistic expression of dance with the athleticism of acrobatics. AcroDance empowers dancers to master a diverse skill set, performed on a hard stage without the crutch of a sprung floor, demanding a seamless blend of musicality, emotional expression, extension, control, and line.


As affirmed by Rick Tjia, Senior Talent Scout of Cirque du Soleil, an acrobatic background is an invaluable asset in today's global dance market, often a minimum requirement. Our certified studio's training is grounded in the globally approved Acrobatic Arts program and syllabus, endorsed by Cirque du Soleil.


Class Structure:

Cardio Warm-Up: Energetic circuits, relays, games, or obstacle courses initiate the class, infusing it with dynamic energy.


Stretch and Strength (Wrist & Shoulder Stretches): A fusion of strength drills and stretching exercises, targeting wrists and shoulders. Movements like planks, downward dog, push-ups, lunges, needle table-top, straddle, superhero, V-sit, V-snap, cobra, etc., amplify flexibility and strength.


Handstands & Balances: Students delve into headstands, handstands (assisted by walls), forearm stands, and chest stands, honing balance and control.


Limbering, Tumbling, or Partnering: Students engage with syllabus skills, skill variations, and drills. Structured stations and lanes optimize this segment's management.


Flexibility: Deep, deliberate stretches concentrate on square hip splits, hip openers, hamstrings, and upper back, enhancing flexibility.


Cool Down & Recovery Stretches: Gentle recovery stretches such as child's pose and dragon twist are followed by breathing exercises and guided meditation, fostering relaxation.


Challenges & Goals: Students are presented with achievable challenges, motivating them to strive for specific accomplishments during class.


Focus on Technique: Each class pinpoints a technical correction, elevating elements like parallel legs and feet, and proper arm positioning.


Our consistent class structure establishes familiarity, enabling dancers to actively engage with anticipation. The AcroDance program doesn't solely nurture physical prowess; it also cultivates artistry and musicality. Dancers refine AcroDance skills, flourishing on their performance journey.


We prioritize safety in your child's advancement as a dancer. Progression occurs under the guidance of our certified teacher, ensuring it aligns with their capacity. We recognize that advancing beyond one's capacity can be dangerous, potentially hindering technical training and overall progress. Rest assured, our certified teacher makes informed decisions to safeguard your child's growth.

*AcroDance exams are also available for dancers up to level 6!!  For more information, reach out to us.

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