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Pre-School and Parent & Tot



This dance readiness combination class introduces different styles of movement with an emphasis on coordination, balance, rhythm and fun! Our classes combine ballet, creative movement, tap and jazz techniques along with music and song.   Children learn important skills that enable them to easily progress through subsequent dance programs.  An assistant teacher helps with this class depending on the number of students.  This class runs for 45 minutes once per week. 


This introduction to movement and music brings dance alive!  Teachers encourage natural joy of movement and imaginative mime, while introducing the fundamentals of ballet, tap and jazz dance technique. Students will be encouraged to participate in joyful dance and creative music-making through the integration of preschool songs and rhymes that will carry into todays modern children’s music (i.e. Disney-mania). Children develop greater body and spatial awareness and improve their fundamental motor skills. Movement, rhythm, improvisation and learned dances are introduced in a lively and creative atmosphere.  A parent or guardian will be expected to come to each class and be a full part of the class with their dancer.  These classes run in 8 week sessions.

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